MK Transport supplies a full range of quarry aggregates to the construction sector. The service is backed up with a dedicated delivery fleet to ensure our customers receive 'on time delivery'. Products available include:-

Quarry Aggregate

  • Crusher Run 110mm 65mm
  • Clean Stone 65mm 32mm 20mm 14mm 10mm 6mm
  • Blinding 40mm 20mm
  • Dust 6mm
  • High PSV Aggregate


  • All types of sand for contruction - Building Plastering concrete & paving
  • Sand for horse menages

Agricultural use

  • All of the above
  • Bedding lime / saw dust shavings / litter peat
  • Transportation of Animal feeds (TASCC Approved)

Decorative pebbles

  • Golden Flint 20mm 10mm camera
  • Moonstone 20mm camera
  • Plum slate 40mm camera
  • Donegal mix 20mm
  • Sperrin mix 20mm
  • Pink pebbles 20mm 14mm
  • Brown Pebbles 20mm


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